Thank you very much, CI&T!

Yesterday, after almost 13 years, I finished a beautiful and very important cycle of my life. It was my last day working at CI&T.

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Back in 2007 (October 15, more specifically), when I started, I had no idea of how great this journey would be. Along the way, I have met and worked with a lot of very good people, who helped to shape me as a professional and human being I’m proud to be.

“We develop people before we develop software” — Cesar Gon

Honestly, the first times I heard this phrase a couple of years ago, I felt like this was just a marketing phrase coined to help the company to attract talented people. Now, looking in retrospect, oh boy… I couldn’t be more wrong! Along all these years, CI&T provided me with great opportunities to develop myself, both as a person and as a professional. Among other things, I could:

  • Meet and work with some of the most talented and committed people (both from CI&T and from clients) I have ever met.
  • Improve my English and have a couple of opportunities to travel abroad, meeting different people, and learning different cultures.
  • Work on and lead some very challenging international projects for some Fortune 500 companies.
  • Coach and mentor less experienced developers and watch them grow and become professionals I truly admire.
  • To be coached and mentored by great people who were my role models.
  • Take a couple of Google Cloud Professional certifications and help more than a hundred people inside the company to achieve the same (hello, Paul :) ). And even some people outside the company as well.
  • Learn to respect and embrace diversity — we are all in this world to learn and evolve as human beings, right?
  • Make some very good friends that I will certainly keep for life.
  • Start writing technical articles and help other people to do the same.
  • Help other people to fight their self-doubt, even though I struggle with my own some times :|, and show how great professionals they are.
  • Learn that it’s all about people :)
  • Learn that I can have a positive impact on other peoples’ lives, even if some of my actions feel like they are irrelevant at first.

Well… I could spend a couple of hours talking about how CI&T helped me to grow and become a better version of myself here, but I think you got the idea, right?

In summary, I’m grateful and proud of all the opportunities I had to learn, grow, express myself, and sometimes help other people to grow as well.

To all of you that somehow contributed to my growth along these years, thank you very much! It was a pleasure!

And thank you very much, CI&T! It was an amazing (and never boring) journey! The 22-year old boy from the picture below is certainly proud of the man he became with your support!

A 13 years old picture in a badge :)

A generalist software developer based in Brazil —